"Robin has made me look at food differently. I have a tendency of going full-blown healthy or full-blown eat any and every thing. Robin has taught me how to eat way more balanced, and I've never felt better." -Patrick Forte


Clear brain fog, improve your mood, increase energy, tone up, and enhance your skin tone and clarity with this 14 day reset program! Let me be clear, this is not a juice cleanse. This is a detox program that eliminates added sugars, caffeine, and alcohol from your diet. The reset itself is 7 days, but the program is 14 days to include your preparation for the reset and your transition back into your normal routine. You’ll gain a better understanding of the foods and drinks you’re choosing as fuel for your body and become more aware of the ingredients in them. 


  • An in-depth consultation where we'll discuss your health history and food preferences

  • A detailed health assessment with health insights

  • Two 40-min virtual sessions to answer questions, keep you on track, and maintain momentum

  • Supplement and lifestyle recommendations

  • 7-day custom detox meal plan

  • No added sugar inspired recipes 

  • A full week's grocery list

  • Mocktail recipes

  • Pre and post-detox protocols to keep up your amazing results!

  • Personalized self-care tools to keep you on track

  • Detoxifying yoga stretches


  • How to read ingredients and food labels

  • The difference between added sugar vs. natural sugar

  • How quickly your tastebuds evolve to crave less sugary, processed foods 

  • How to make healthier swaps for your favorite foods, without sacrificing taste

  • To look at food as FUEL

  • That weight-loss comes naturally with a long-term, healthy lifestyle

  • Which foods are a natural medicine

  • How to whip up easy and delicious recipes in the kitchen

  • To create healthy desserts you'll have on deck for when that sugar craving hits

  • How to make delicious mocktails

  • That our bodies don't need caffeine for energy

Initial Consultation: Free

Program Health Investment:


*Monthly payment plan options are available. All virtual sessions take place via FaceTime.