This is becoming a ritual.. the night before I go to sleep I tell myself, I have to wake up early to make that Bikram yoga class. Then reality strikes, and I'm hitting the snooze button so many times that now that class I had to make already started.

What I figured out is while I love working out and taking hot yoga classes, my body just isn't ready to bend that early in the morning. Maybe because I sleep in a fetal position every night so when I wake up my muscles are tight and need extra time to "unravel." Maybe I'm just not that kind of morning person. Who really knows.

So for the past month, I've been trying to be more in tune with my body to figure out at what point in the day I do feel the most energy. This is my body's "workout" time and for me, that time is 1pm.

I used to have an office job, working in the marketing dept. for The HydraFacial Company, and as much as I loved my coworkers, I hated being a prisoner to my cubicle. Having to clock in and out like a disobedient child being watched, never fully being awake, over-abusing caffeine, and gaining weight because when it was time to clock out, I was too exhausted to go to the gym. So imagine 1pm hits, I have the most energy, and I'm "chained" to my desk. *shakes head* More on this subject later...

What's your workout time?



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