Chemical peels are not to be feared! Especially if you're getting them done by a trained professional. ;)

Peels can do everything from smoothing skin's texture, to removing sun damage and dark spots, softening fine lines, even killing and diminishing acne-causing bacteria and those pesky blemishes + scars that can come along with it.

Chemical peels {especially those on the market today} are so customizable to target your concerns and stay within comfort levels, that it's easy to correct your skin's needs.

Though some may experience an intense feeling of heat and itchiness during the peel process, other's may not feel much at all. This DOES NOT mean it's "not working," it just means that your skin is not sensitive, and we can kick the % level of acids up a notch.

If you experience breakouts after a chemical peel, this is totally normal! Chemical peels accelerate skin cell turnover {meaning dead skin cells are released and flake off at a much faster rate} which can create a purging phase due to underlying bacteria underneath the skin’s surface that finally makes it’s way UP to the surface. This typically only happens after the first few peels, and will clear up with continued use.

Though short-term breakouts post-peel can be frustrating, chemical peels can help provide clear skin, long term.

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