Through most of my 20’s, I’d only wear cheap $15 Ray-Ban knock-offs. I used to be so careless with my sunglasses- throwing them in my bag, getting them all scratched or even just loosing them entirely.

My old self couldn’t have nice things! -which in hindsight was probably a good thing. I can stomach loosing a pair of $15 shades, I can’t stomach loosing a $168 pair of shades.

Now I’m 4 months away from turning 30 and I finally bought my first pair of ~real deal~ Ray-Bans. *puts my big girl pants on*

Turning 30, however, also brings out more of those fine lines you’ve always noticed were there but would usually disappear and only come back when you were dehydrated. *sighs*

Well now they’re here to stay. And that’s okay! I’m truly embracing 30.

But here’s why I wish I smacked my younger, more careless self into buying a real pair of Ray-Bans sooner…

The under-eye and crows feet area are tricky areas to combat. The main reason being that the skin is so delicate and thin around the eyes. And of course, crows feet forms from smiling, which is a beautiful thing. But it’s also a reoccurring facial movement, therefore those lines only become more prominent. You can apply products like retinol to stimulate cell-turnover thus shedding old skin at a faster rate which bring smoother, fresh skin to the surface. You can also shield your eye area from the sun by wearing UV protected sunglasses.

THIS is exactly what happens when UV rays touch your skin..

UV rays interact with a natural chemical in the skin called melanin. Melanin absorbs the UV rays in order to shield the skin against sun damage. This chemical reaction creates a tan. When the amount of UV rays you’re exposed to exceeds the protection provided by melanin, you get a sunburn.

We know by now UV rays are not only not good for anti-aging beauty queens and kings trying to delay wrinkles as much as possible, but overexposure can be very dangerous, and sometimes even fatal.

So unless you’re ready to start paying for Juvederm every 6-9 months to fill-in those wrinkles around the eyes, invest in a good pair of UV protection sunglasses.

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