Updated: Jan 30, 2019

So you want beautiful, glowing skin right? You buy the most expensive products and do a really great job of taking care of your skin externally, but what about what's going on inside? In order to have and maintain that glowing skin you desire, it's important to understand what truly affects this. You can thank (or hate on) our hormones, since they are the ones in control of our body and in turn have the power to positively or negatively affect our outward appearance.

From the time we are born till the time we pass, we rely on our hormones to dictate our bodies activities. Everything from temperature control, to our metabolism, skin breakouts, how we sleep, how we respond to stress, our appetite, our libido, our mood, and everything in between is regulated by hormones.

Hormones act as chemical messengers to control and coordinate the functions of our body's tissues and organs. When our system is working properly, the exact amount of hormone is released at exactly the right time, and our body’s tissues accurately respond to those messages.

Hormones are not meant to be a scary or negative thing! Their sole purpose is to keep our system running smoothly and rhythms in sync.

Here’s where it gets tricky- How do we maintain hormonal balance as we progressively age?

Though our hormones control us, we equally control them in either a positive or negative way.

There is SO MUCH we can do to help our hormones work more effectively. Since this list is so big, I will be breaking it down and separating it into many different blog posts so you will not only know what to do, but understand why it’s so important.

Here’s what we can CUT OUT from our diets in order to help our hormones be able to operate smoothly -and ultimately achieve natural, glowing skin from within.


Avoid blood sugar spikes by eating, even a little bit, every 3 to 4 hours. Don’t put unnecessary stress on your hormones by not eating, or over-eating. Nourish your body by eating REAL whole foods, and fruits/vegetables daily. If you don’t recognize an ingredient on the label of the pre-packaged sandwich you’re eating, you’re body won’t recognize it either.

Try to relax when you’re eating! When you’re stressed out and inhaling your food so quickly, your gut can’t easily absorb the nutrients you’re consuming, so take a seat, count to 20 with each bite before you swallow, and chew mindfully.


Alcohol is a nightmare for our liver –we know this. But did you know that a glass of alcohol is like consuming a handful of sugary cookies? It immediately hits your bloodstream and sends your blood sugar levels on a wild roller-coaster ride.

Our body's blood sugar levels are controlled by insulin and glucagon- hormones secreted by the pancreas. Stay with me. They work together to maintain a constant concentration of glucose {sugar} in the blood. Insulin lowers glucose levels, while glucagon raises it. Alcohol interferes with the hormones that regulate glucose levels. This creates low blood sugar, which then produces symptoms like clumsiness, trouble talking, confusion, and loss of consciousness –sound familiar?

Alcohol also raises estrogen levels because the liver {who’s normal function is to remain estrogen-free} is overworked with trying to detox the alcohol consumed. This estrogen excess triggers headaches, breast tenderness, heavier periods and raging PMS -just to name a few.


This one may be the hardest. If you’re like me, your morning cup of caffeine is not optional, it's necessary. Yes, our bodies {and hormones} would be happier if we ditched caffeine altogether but let’s be real, I refuse to give it up entirely. Let me live!! But rather than give up on caffeine entirely, how about we cut back on it instead -and call it even okay? Have your morning cup of joe, but just have one cup.

That caffeine buzz we get is a pretty immediate feeling. Here’s why- Caffeine enters the brain and directly increases blood pressure thereby stimulating the release of stress hormones affecting insulin and blood sugar levels right away. This gets our heart pumping, blood circulating, and palm’s sweating, all while dehydrating our system. Remember that our skin is our largest organ, and sadly the last to receive ANY of the water we drink, so drink A TON of water {at least half your body weight in ounces per day.}

To summarize, hormones are our friends! They talk to each other all day long, so once you begin to take action to help your hormones rather than work against them, the rest will fall in line and you’ll be one step closer to hormonal equilibrium.

To be continued..

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