You’ve probably heard the words “Hydro Flask” floating around, and I’m here to decide-- is the hype R E A L ?

So I’ve been carrying around this purple 32oz plastic sport-style water bottle with me every where I go. Emphasis on EVERY. WHERE. To the spa, to the gym, to hot yoga, on road trips, on runs, etc.

First of all plastic?? I know don’t yell at me..

Here’s the moment that really grossed me out and encouraged me, rather threw me, on the Hydro Flask gravy train..

My purple plastic bottle started to smell. Like really really bad. I brush my teeth too many times in a day for it to be a hygiene reason. And of course I wash the bottle every so often.

My fiancé actually came to the conclusion that the plastic was eroding and the toxic chemicals (like BPA) were starting to pour out of the bottle and into the water I drink every day.

Enough was enough.

I immediately threw the bottle away. And ordered my very first 32oz Hydro Flask in olive green.

Here’s why the hype is so real.

It has temperature control. So fill your flask with ice and preferred beverage and it will stay cold for 24 hours. If you want your tea/coffee to remain hot, it will literally stay HOT (tongue burning level) for up to 6 hours. We can thank it’s double-walled, vacuum insulation for this one.

It’s eco-friendly! Can I get an AMEN!?

It’s BPA-free. So what is BPA anyways? BPA is a synthetic and toxic chemical found in mostly plastic that’s been known to interfere with hormones, cause sickness, even heart disease and cancer. The reason why this chemical even exists is because it helps produce strong & resilient products. At what cost?? *rolls eyes*

It will keep you hydrated and therefore make your skin cells happy. Fact: If you carry around a water bottle with you, you are 1000 times more likely to drink water throughout the day.

It’s leak-free. So it won’t spill if you just throw it in your bag. Plus they come in all different sizes and colors.


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