Growing up, I was the little girl making healing remedies for my neighbors by crushing up flowers and herbs, and storing them in all sorts of tiny tinctures. Each tincture produced a different effect- one gave you energy, one healed your scabs, one made you sleepy, etc.. I didn't understand then that my true calling was to become a healer. 


After working in the field of esthetics for over a decade, I've learned just how powerful healing energies can be in facials, and I've learned how powerful eating holistically is for healthy skin. Since I continuously educate about wholesome eating, I decided to expand my knowledge and expertise beyond personalized facials and tap into another industry that connects with skincare the most- Nutrition.


Most skin concerns (dry skin, acne, whiteheads, etc) are physical messages from the body telling you what's going on internally. My goal is to asses what these messages are and create a routine to topically and internally heal your skin, and body. Thus, Mellow Birdie encompasses an entire 360 wellness approach for achieving healthy skin.


In the spa, I offer a wide variety of custom facials and set you up with a consistent and nourishing skincare regimen. Outside the spa, I am a nutritional counselor, developing meal plans based on individual needs and health goals. 


I am and will always be completely dedicated to healing and helping people feel confident in their own skin. Please feel free to reach out with any questions!


With so much Love,



Mellow Birdie offers unique treatments designed to treat your skin's needs and concerns.



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