"Having Robin's consistent insight and knowing she’s always by my side allowed me to change my relationship with food and build so much confidence in myself." 

-Alexandra Forte 


Gain a deeper understanding of what holistic nutrition means and what it can do for your mind, body, and spirit. This program is perfect for you if you're generally a healthy eater, but want to fine-tune your food choices, get inspiration for easy recipes, and are interested in transitioning into a plant-based diet. 


  • An in-depth consultation where we’ll discuss your goals and create a plan on how to achieve them

  • Two 40-min virtual sessions

  • A detailed health assessment with health insights

  • Supplement and lifestyle recommendations

  • A 7-day customized meal plan

  • Inspiring and easy-to-make recipes

  • A full week's grocery list

  • Personalized self-care tools to support you in reaching your goals


  • Healthy eating habits to reach the ideal weight for your body

  • How to create nutritional balance in your meals and snacks

  • To view calories as energy, and understand what that means for you

  • To make substitutions for your favorite foods, without sacrificing taste

  • How food can be a natural medicine

  • How to whip up easy and delicious recipes. Spoiler: you don't have to be a chef or even love to cook!

  • What it means to live holistically and how to eat intuitively 

Initial Consultation: Free

Program Health Investment:


*Monthly payment plan options are available. All virtual sessions take place via FaceTime.